Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cali Is Still Doing Great

Here is an update from our 90 year old adopter......Cali was a senior that couldn't be placed with other dogs or kids....she was a snippy female. The perfect home came along named Bud...he still hunts and adores her!!!

"A couple of pics of you ex-girl. Took 2 friends to a pheasant release club. Had 15 birds released, found them all. Cali had 9 points and 6 honors of my friends setters points. Needless to say we were all impressed. She is still something else. Has a mind of her own on occasion (must be the female in her :o))"

Friday, December 14, 2007

Cali has found her home

We are delighted to report that little Cali Lilly has found her forever home. Her new daddy was looking for a little princess to spoil at home, but also take out hunting occasionally. Here's the first word from her new daddy:

Hi! Thanks very much for the picture. Your girl is doing fine..sleeps all night with me..doesn't need to go a lot till 6AM. She seems to love the back yard, points the birds and comes when called..can't wait to get her in the field when there isn't a crust on the snow...she doesn't like that. Helene took your advise about warming up a beef cube---she eats all of her food now. Thanks again for all your help and coming to see us. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas. Helene and Bud and Calli.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cali Lily at her foster home

Cali Lilly is settling in nicely at her foster home.
She LOVES to hang out in the yard.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Cali Lily rode in the front passenger seat with me and put her head in my hand most of the ride from Troy Il to Williamsville. She does not appear to like other dogs, but she is probably stressed from her travels. She warmed right up to Tom's grandson and sat in the back seat next to him giving him setter kisses when they took her to her foster home.

Monday, April 9, 2007


I don't have much time to chat. I need to get ready for my ride to my IBR foster home! I can't wait to meet everyone! I have heard that my foster mom LOVES dogs! I just hope she can keep up with me. I may be 10 but I certainly can play like a younger dog! I can't wait to live my life to the fullest!

I am only 10 years young....

Cali Lily was found as a stray. She is tri-colored and field type. We believe she is a good 10-years-old, but certainly acts much much younger. (: She seems to be a favorite amongst many of the staff.

She was not spayed when she came to us - about three weeks ago. She has since been spayed. During her surgery, she had a couple teeth pulled. The rest could use a good cleaning. She also had a small (size of a grape) skin cyst taken off her chest. She is HW negative and her stitches are now out. She has spent a lot of time in the shelter's vet clinic. The vet tech said she is her cleanest dog. I imagine, and she agreed, she has probably been living in a run her whole life. She is little - weighs only 27 pounds. She could use a couple pounds, but not much more. She is simply little.

She is VERY loving with people and will lay on her back to have her belly rubbed. She comes when called when out in the yard. She went to a groomer yesterday. We were all a tad bit shocked that her nails were (please do not shreak) neon orange when she returned. They put a big pink and orange bow on her collar as well. But she was clean and looked cute - minus the bit of punk rock. This groomer has graciously agreed to do 8-10 free grooms for our shelter per week. She is a lovely lady and loves to pamper the dogs!